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Primo-Quality Italian Dry Cigars

Toscano is the original Italian cigar that was first manufactured in Tuscany, Italy from where they took their name. Made of high-quality fermented Kentucky tobacco, Toscano are strong with full, intense and savory flavor and aromas. They are considered dry cigars which means they do not have to be stored in a humidor. The super-popular line is the short Toscanello, a cigarillo that’s perfect for a quick in-between smoke. Packed in convenient packs of 5 they’re easy to take anywhere with you. Available in a variety of delicious flavors, you’re going to fall in love with these unique little beauties. For a longer smoke the regular Toscano line is a what you need. If you’ve never tried an Italian type cigar you’re in for a treat, and we’ve got a whale of an introductory deal for you on these! For a limited time get yours for over 35% off!

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
834833 Classico 6 38 Mellow Italy 5 $12.50
834832 Antico 6 38 Mellow Italy 5 $14.50
834831 1492 6 38 Mellow Italy 2 $7.95
834844 Vaniglia 3 38 Mellow Italy 5 $9.95
834843 Grappa 3 38 Mellow Italy 5 $9.95
834845 Cioccolato 3 38 Mellow Italy 5 $9.95
834846 Anice 3 38 Mellow Italy 5 $9.95
834842 Caffe 3 38 Mellow Italy 5 $9.95
834841 Natural 3 38 Mellow Italy 5 $9.95