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Pipes: 4th Generation


4th Generation pipes are manufactured in Denmark, and reflect the great tradition of Danish craftsmanship, where owner Erik Stokkebye and his family originate from. He is the 7th Generation of the name and 4th Generation having the pleasure to work with pipe tobacco and pipes.

All of the 4th Generation Tobacco Pipes are hand crafted with the finest quality in Denmark. Each shape represents its respective year of the 4th Generation Tobacco history.

This Starter Kit includes:

1 H.I.S. Pipe

1 Tin of 4th Generation Tobacco

1 Comoy's Pouch

1 Pack of Pipe cleaners

1 Tamper

Sandblast pictured left. Smooth pictured right.

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320432 Starter Pipe Kit (Smooth) 1 $84.50
320431 Starter Pipe Kit (Sandblast) 1 $84.50