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Odyssey is made by General Cigar Company in the CAO Nicaraguan factory. Made with tobaccos that didn’t make the cut for the premium brands, these bundled cigars have really good smoking qualities for cigars in this price range. 100% Cuban seed tobaccos from Nicaragua and Honduras make up the blend, with three different wrapper options available. Connecticut shade is the right choice if you’re looking for mellow – this tasty blend is one everyone will enjoy. Step up in strength with the Habano – a deep brown Nicaraguan leaf that delivers on flavor but isn’t over the top heavy. The maduro is made with a handsome, dark Nicaraguan leaf – still medium blend but more solid than the Habano. And then there’s the Sweet Tip – same blend as the Habano, but with a little deliciousness on the head of the cigar to make it that much better! If you enjoy good cigars and are looking to keep your budget in check, Odyssey is one you have to try.
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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
833533 Toro Sweet 6 54 Light Nicaragua 20 $39.95
833513 Toro Maduro 6 50 Medium Nicaragua 20 $39.95
833523 Toro Habano 6 50 Medium Nicaragua 20 $39.95
833534 Robusto Sweet 5 50 Light Nicaragua 20 $34.95
833503 Toro Connecticut 6 50 Medium Nicaragua 20 $39.95
833514 Robusto Maduro 5 50 Medium Nicaragua 20 $34.95
833524 Robusto Habano 5 50 Medium Nicaragua 20 $34.95
833504 Robusto Connecticut 5 50 Medium Nicaragua 20 $34.95