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Moochers Sampler


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You don’t have to spend a ton to smoke good quality, great tasting cigars. Just about every factory makes “Cuban Sandwich” cigars, blends that include some smaller pieces of filler leftover when they make their premium brands. These cigars are sold pretty cheap so that the factory can use up all of their excess tobaccos. Typically the blends are very good and most smokers won’t even notice the difference. We’ve put together a collection of our best-sellers so that you can give these great value smokes a try. They’re perfect for when you’re working outside and don’t want to chomp on a $10 cigar but do want to enjoy a tasty treat. If you’ve got cigar mooching buddies, these are ideal for the guy who typically picks the favorites in your humidor! Here’s what we are including, 2 each of these seven brands:

• Odyssey Toro Habano 6” x 50
• Monsenor Toro Maduro 6” x 50
• Texas Sweets Agua Dulce 6” x 50
• Honduran Plantations No. 650 6” x 50
• Travis Club Magnum 6” x 50
• Fortuna de Honduras No. 3 7” x 50
• Factory Smokes Churchill Shade 7” x 50

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