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Jones Maltsberger Rd
San Antonio, TX 78247

After 55 years in the same building, Finck Cigar Company has a new home! Designed and built as a cigar factory in the 60’s, our Vera Cruz facility served us well for many years. But as our business evolved and grew, we really need a layout designed to fit our current workflow. The heart of our new building is a massive refrigerated and humidified Cigar Vault that can maintain close to one million cigars in perfect smoking condition! That awesome room coupled with a huge cooled dry storage area for our extensive selection of tobaccos and accessories allows us to organize and control the 2,500+ items we stock better than ever before. With room for expansion, there are big plans for Finck Cigar Company on the horizon and we look forward to serving you for many years from our new location!
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