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Camacho BXP


Box-Pressed Bliss

We’ve got these three versions of slow-burning box-pressed Camacho for you lovers of the leaf; Mellow Connecticut, Medium/Full Ecuador or knock your socks off Corojo. For you guys who still have all your taste buds, Connecticut is the way to go. Plenty of flavor comes out of these guys to deliver on your demands for a fulfilling smoke. If you’re the kind of guy who goes through hot sauce like it was candy, pick up the Ecuador. These flavor bombs are plenty strong with waves of flavor nuances to keep you interested. You think moonshine is for sissy’s? Light a Corojo and say that without your eyes watering. They’ll slap you in the face and ask if you want another. Whatever it is that titillates your tonsils, we’ve got a Camacho for you.

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
856582 Toro Ecuador 6 50 Med/Full Honduras 20 $145.95
856572 Toro Corojo 6 50 Full Honduras 20 $145.95
856562 Toro Connecticut 6 50 Light Honduras 20 $145.95
856581 Robusto Ecuador 5 50 Med/Full Honduras 20 $140.95
856571 Robusto Corojo 5 50 Full Honduras 20 $140.95
856561 Robusto Connecticut 5 50 Light Honduras 20 $140.95