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CAO Brazilia


CAO utilizes the most outstanding, rich brown Brazilian wrappers for this exclusive brand. Aged to perfection and allowed to marry with hearty Nicaraguan long fillers, these full-bodied cigars will excite your palate with their enjoyable flavors. All sizes are made with large ring gauges so that the cigars burn slowly and the complex blends are allowed to develop maximum flavor and richness.

**these cigars do not qualify for Dividend Club discounts

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
825407 Amazon 6 60 Full Honduras 20 $152.95
825406 Corcovado 4.25 60 Full Honduras 20 $117.95
825404 Gol! 5 56 Full Honduras 20 $115.95
825402 Lambada 6 50 Full Honduras 20 $125.95