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Smooth Smoking Cigars About $1.30 Each!

Unless you are looking at paper wrapped mass-produced convenience store brands its just about impossible to find inexpensive cigars, and who wants to smoke that stuff? Well men, we have the brand you’ve been searching for! Our W.F. Natural brand is made with real tobacco – Central American filler and Connecticut Shade wrapper. The binder is HTL (homogenized tobacco leaf), but even this stuff is about 95% tobacco. Machine made cigars get a bad rap from cigar snobs, but there are millions more machine made cigars sold than handmade! The trick is making them right instead of making them cheap, and right is what we do with this high-volume brand. We use the same great wrapper and filler we use on many of our handmade cigars, and by using machines to roll them we save a ton of labor. Your search for an affordable, smooth smoking, great tasting cigars is over – W.F. Natural is your brand!

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
203000 Atlanta (5 pack) 6 50 Light Dominican 5 $8.25
203003 Atlanta 6 50 Light Dominican 50 $76.50
203005 Toledo 5.5 43 Light Dominican 50 $72.50
203007 Dallas 5 50 Light Dominican 50 $74.50
203002 Durango Round 6.25 46 Light Dominican 50 $75.50
203004 Pittsburg 7 47 Light Dominican 50 $77.50