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W.F. Maduro


Dark, Rich And Loaded With Flavor!

The sister brand to W.F. Natural, this maduro version offers a whole new perspective on maduro cigars. You might think by looking at these dark cigars that they must be strong, but the truth is this Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper is very flavorful yet not strong at all. Grown in direct sunlight, the leaves grow thick and oily and are loaded with wonderful true-tobacco taste. Once the tobacco is picked it is cured in a natural fermentation process that allows the tobacco to heat up. This curing process releases most of the natural ammonia which allows the tobacco’s smooth, enjoyable flavors to shine! Broadleaf tobacco is some of the most expensive we use and that makes these little pricier than the other version, but they’re worth it! A great blend of Central American fillers compliments this tasty wrapper and affords you the satisfaction of smoking very good cigars at very reasonable prices. Get you some W.F. Maduros, they’re some of the best values on the market!

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
203031 Laredo 5 50 Light Dominican 50 $82.95
203030 Houston (5 pack) 6 50 Light Dominican 5 $8.50
203037 Phoenix 7 47 Light Dominican 50 $85.95
203032 New Haven 6 43 Light Dominican 50 $80.95
203036 Houston 6 50 Light Dominican 50 $84.95
203035 Philadelphia 6.25 46 Light Dominican 50 $83.95