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Travis Club Classic


No.1 Selling Brand For Over 110 Years!

The brand that put Finck Cigar Company on the map, Travis Club is the brand we are known for since my great-grandfather began making it as a private label for a military officer’s club in San Antonio. As these servicemen were transferred around the country, they would contact us looking for the brand they had fallen in love with. That was in 1906, and when it was released as a public brand it quickly became our best seller. Over a century later Travis Club remains far and away the best-selling brand we offer! Light a Travis Club and you’ll be met with a wonderful taste and aroma - the experience you expect from a fantastic cigar. Made with smooth light brown Connecticut Shade wrapper, Connecticut Broadleaf binder and a mellow combination of Nicaraguan fillers, these great smokes are known for their smooth and satisfying taste. Available in your choice of traditional boxes or handy foil 4-packs designed to keep your cigars factory fresh. These packs seal in the moisture and ensure that your cigars are always in perfect smoking condition. Ideal for a short trip or to take to the golf course, keep a few in your bag and always have a great cigar handy when the opportunity arises. Welcome to the club – Travis Club!

Travis Club Maduro

Dark, Rich And Loaded With Flavor!

While the natural version of this legacy brand is our best-seller, many of our more seasoned smokers wanted the exquisite Travis Club taste but with just a little more punch. Broadleaf wrapper is mellow, but in this combination, it produces a deeper, richer flavor that is exactly what our customers desired. Since we use the same tobacco for the binder these cigars actually have a double-shot of Connecticut Broadleaf! A thick, heavily cured leaf is selected for the binder and a thinner, prettier leaf is used for the wrapper to produce these stunningly attractive cigars. All of this glorious tobacco is wrapped around a delicious blend of Nicaraguan fillers that round out the blend perfectly. These striking works of art are rich, flavorful smokes that will make you feel as good as they taste as you enjoy them down to the last puff. Try Travis Club maduro and you’ll understand why the guys that smoke these won’t smoke anything else!

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
000994 Especiales Natural (foil pack of 4) 5.19 55 Light Dominican 24 $72.95
000944 Magnum Natural (foil pack of 4) 6 50 Light Dominican 24 $72.95
000764 Senator Natural (foil pack of 4) 5.19 52 Light Dominican 24 $68.50
000404 Straight Natural (foil pack of 4) 5 50 Light Dominican 24 $62.75
000374 Regalia Natural (foil pack of 4) 4.75 47 Light Dominican 24 $56.95
000482 Rothschild Natural (box of 50) 5 50 Light Dominican 55 $130.50
000440 Plaza Maduro (box of 50) 6 43 Light Dominican 50 $145.95
000994 Especiales Natural (foil pack of 4) 5.18 55 Light Dominican 4 $12.95
000944 Magnum Natural (foil pack of 4) 6 50 Light Dominican 4 $12.95
000772 Senator Natural (box of 25) 5.18 52 Light Dominican 25 $69.95
000940 Magnum Natural (box of 25) 6 50 Light Dominican 25 $76.95
000480 Rothschild Maduro (box of 50) 4.87 50 Light Dominican 50 $145.95
005481 Rothschild Maduro (pack of 5) 4.87 50 Light Dominican 5 $15.50
000990 Especiales Natural (box of 25) 5.18 55 Light Dominican 25 $76.95
000764 Senator Natural (foil pack of 4) 5.18 52 Light Dominican 4 $11.95
000400 Straight Natural (box of 50) 5.62 43 Light Dominican 50 $130.50
000762 Senator Maduro (box of 50) 5.18 52 Light Dominican 50 $157.50
000404 Straight Natural (foil pack of 4) 5.62 43 Light Dominican 4 $10.95
000374 Regalia Natural (foil pack of 4) 4.75 47 Light Dominican 4 $9.95
000370 Regalia Natural (box of 50) 4.75 47 Light Dominican 50 $118.50
000760 Senator Natural (box of 50) 5.18 52 Light Dominican 50 $142.50