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Tobacco: Mac Baren


Dark Twist: The first group contains 100% pure Virginia tobaccos, meaning that the whole leaves are used as wrapper leaves and the leaves with small imperfections are used as the inlay. The second group contains whole Virginia leaves as wrapper and Dark Fired Kentucky as inlay, meaning you see the dark tobacco in the centre and the brighter Virginias around it. After the tobaccos have been spun into ropes it is stored for weeks and then cut into small coins. The blend of Dark Twist is broken down as follows. For every 2 coins of Virginia tobacco there is 1 coin with a centre of Dark Fired Kentucky.

Plumcake: This blend consists of carefully selected Virginia tobaccos in a beautiful ribbon cut, Burleys cut as a ready rubbed, some Original Cavendish and finally to top the blend off, a handful of Latakia is added. All together the different tobaccos add a perfect taste of natural sweetness and a smokiness coming from the Original Cavendish and of course, the Latakia. It is a full-bodied blend with offers the natural tobacco taste and on top of these excellent tobaccos, they have added some genuine Jamaican Rum.

Scottish: This blend is mild and lightly aromatic. Ready rubbed, Virginias, Burley, and Cavendish combine as an all around crowd pleaser.

Vanilla: The colourful blend consists of loose cut Virginia tobaccos, light brown Burleys, a sweet and soft Modern Cavendish. It is finally mixed with small plugs of flake tobacco. After processing, the tobaccos are gently mixed together and an exceptional vanilla flavour is added. This selection creates an outstanding blend with superior flavour, unique aroma and a distinctive taste experience.

Virginia No.1: Virginia No. 1 is composed of 100% bright Virginia tobaccos from 3 continents. All together the Virginia No. 1 contains 12 different Virginia leaf tobaccos, each with its very own properties. In combination the different leaves marry together in a perfect and natural unity.This is a Ready Rubbed tobacco which means that the tobaccos are pressed into big blocks of tobacco and then stored under pressure for weeks. Finally the blocks are cut into slices and partly rubbed out.

Texas Prices:
3.5 oz tin
Plumcake $27.75
Scottish $27.75
Vanilla $27.75
Virginia No.1 $27.75

If you are paying for or are shipping to anywhere in Texas, you will be charged an additional State Excise tax per ounce (included in the price listed above). Buyers outside of Texas are responsible for any taxes due to your state.

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
055271 Virginia No. 1 100g/3.5oz $23.50
055276 Vanilla 100g/3.5oz $23.50
055273 Plumcake 100g/3.5oz $23.50
055277 Scottish 100g/3.5oz $23.50