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Tobacco: BriarWorks


Back Down South: This Virginia/Perique blend is perfect to pair with your porchside Whiskey and Tea!

Bacon Old Fashioned: A bacon aromatic -- what more could you ask for?

Country Lawyer: Plead guilty with this spicy and full bodied blend.

Peach Cobbler: This sweet aromatic will show you some true Southern hospitality

Pete's Beard: A hearty English for manly men!

Sweet Tea: An Aromatic with a Southern twist!

Unsweet Tea: A Virginia based blend that's still true to its roots -- hold the sugar

Texas Prices:
2 oz tin $21.75

If you are paying for or are shipping to anywhere in Texas, you will be charged an additional State Excise tax per ounce (included in the price listed above). Buyers outside of Texas are responsible for any taxes due to your state.

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
120007 Unsweet Tea 57g/2oz $19.50
120006 Sweet Tea 57g/2oz $19.50
120003 Pete’s Beard 57g/2oz $19.50
120005 Peach Cobbler 57g/2oz $19.50
120004 Country Lawyer 57g/2oz $19.50
120001 Back Down South 57g/2oz $19.50
120002 Bacon Old Fashioned 57g/2oz $19.50