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The Bourbon Cigar


Formerly known as Makers Mark cigars

For 20+ years these great cigars have been one of our top-sellers. No longer branded with the Maker’s Mark name due to a licensing issue, the cigars haven’t changed a bit – only the packaging is new. A perfect combination of Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, Connecticut binder and Dominican long fillers is slowly seasoned with real Makers Mark bourbon. The whisky never actually touches the tobacco, instead it is allowed to slowly penetrate the leaves by evaporation creating an incredible smoking experience. You get the full flavor of the premium tobaccos and a hearty dose of the Makers Mark flavor – truly an unbeatable combination! Each cigar is sealed in a glass tube and then each tube is hand-dipped in red wax encasing the cigars in a factory fresh environment. No humidification is required for these special cigars making them ideal for travel, the golf course or any excursion where you’ll enjoy a super-premium cigar.

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
022004 Cigarillos 4 30 Medium Dominican Republic 10 $20.95
022007 650 6 50 Medium Dominican Republic 3 $29.95
022003 650 6 50 Medium Dominican Republic 10 $94.50
022002 650 6 50 Medium Dominican Republic 25 $224.95
022005 538 5 38 Medium Dominican Republic 25 $169.95