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Our good friend Rocky Patel came in late last year for the annual Tailgate Party at our original store in San Antonio. This was the 13th annual event and turned out to be the biggest yet! The weather was perfect, Rocky’s deals were incredible and a great time was had by all. After this marathon 8-hour event Rocky treated Steven and I plus 10 lucky grand prize-winning customers to dinner at a local steakhouse so the day ended up being almost 12 hours long, but it was so much fun the time flew by. I’ve known Rocky since he got in the business in the 1990’s but spending that much time with him I realized what a down to earth guy he really is. As a high-profile attorney in Hollywood he represented several actors including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gene Hackman where he gained his passion for premium cigars. Diving into the business he spent 5 years in Honduras learning everything he could about cigars and then launched his now incredibly successful business. But in spite of his status in the industry, he has a lot of simple interests, many similar to my own. Rocky grew up being a NASCAR fan, he has visited most of the U.S. National Parks and he loves to cook. He is as friendly and approachable as anyone I’ve met – if you didn’t know who he was you’d never know how successful he is. Rocky spends a fair amount of time in his beautiful BURN lounges (Naples, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis) – if you have the opportunity visit one of those beautiful lounges you’ll enjoy fine cigars, premium spirits and great cuisine – and you might just get to shake hands with one of the modern-day legends of the cigar business!

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