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Finck's Resagos Habano Oscuro


Two Tremendous Nicaraguan Blends At Rock-Bottom Prices!

One of H.W. Finck’s original brands, Resagos sold for 5¢ back in the 1920’s. A century later they are handmade in one of our best Nicaraguan factories and they’re more in the $3 range – which by todays standard is still a heck of a bargain! We’re making two very different versions of Resagos – at least one of these may well be your favorite new cigar! Resagos Connecticut (the first) is a medium bodied smoke with a shade grown wrapper and tasty blend of Nicaraguan Cuban seed long fillers. These easy smoking cigars are flavorful without too much strength and make great everyday cigars. Resagos Habano Oscuro was developed for you guys who like a little more punch in their smokes. A dark Nicaraguan Habano wrapper drapes the Nicaraguan Viso and Ligero long fillers and delivers a solid smoke that’ll satisfy the most seasoned enthusiasts. The ring gauges are bigger on most of the cigars in this line to help develop that full-flavored experience you guys crave. A much more expensive blend to produce, we keep the costs down on these by packing them in bundles but make no mistake – these are top-quality smokes that could easily sell for 50% more than our everyday low prices. Get you some Resagos – you’re going to love them!

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
853506 Toro (5 pack) 6 52 Medium/Full Nicaragua 5 $17.95
853501 Churchill 7 52 Medium/Full Nicaragua 20 $68.95
853505 Sixty 6 60 Medium/Full Nicaragua 20 $70.95
853502 Toro 6 52 Medium/Full Nicaragua 20 SALE! $55.95
853503 Robusto 5.50 54 Medium/Full Nicaragua 20 SALE! $54.95
853504 Corona 5.75 46 Medium/Full Nicaragua 20 SALE! $49.95