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The father and son team of Omar and Alexis Ortiz may have outdone themselves on this one! This great cigar family makes some of our best-selling brands including 1893, Puritanos, Favorita and XXL. We keep their facotry humming with a lot of production, and this new brand is going to have them working overtime! Originally we blended this cigar to be a super-premium brand with lots of fancy packaging, but the tobaccos are so expensive the retail prices were just too high. Instead, we decided to keep the cigars exactly the same and pack them in bundles. This saves you a crap-load of money so all you're paying for is the cigars themselves! These medium to full bodied cigars are made with a beautiful, oily Habano wrapper that promises a special smoking experience as soon as you light one. Hints of leather and spice are followed by a deep, rich and bold flavor that'll make you grin with enjoyment! Nicaraguan Viso and Ligero long fillers deliver a "punch", and perfectly round out this excellent new brand. Resagos Habano Oscuro - your new favorite brand

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
853506 Toro (5 pack) 6 52 Medium/Full Nicaragua 5 $21.95
853501 Churchill 7 52 Medium/Full Nicaragua 20 $82.50
853505 Sixty 6 60 Medium/Full Nicaragua 20 $84.95
853502 Toro 6 52 Medium/Full Nicaragua 20 $79.95
853503 Robusto 5.50 54 Medium/Full Nicaragua 20 $76.95
853504 Corona 5.75 46 Medium/Full Nicaragua 20 $71.95