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Tobacco: Finck's Peach


Aromatic Pipe Tobacco

Typically Burley based, these blends can also contain Black Cavendish, Virginia or other tobaccos. A variety of flavors and/or fragrances are added to give them their unique characteristics. Typically stronger in flavor than other tobaccos.

Peach - A super mild Cavendish blend with a sweet, hearty peach fragrance and flavor. Especially developed for our customers, this tobacco offers a different smoking experience for smokers seeking some diversity. One of those tobaccos that'll have everyone in the room asking what it is.

Texas Prices:
14 oz. $56.95
1.5 oz sample $6.75

If you are paying for or are shipping to anywhere in Texas, you will be charged an additional State Excise tax per ounce (included in the price listed above). Buyers outside of Texas are responsible for any taxes due to your state.

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435043-001 Peach, 1.5 oz. sample 1 $4.95
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435043-359 Peach, 14 oz. bag 1 $39.95
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