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Made for us by Plasencia in their gigantic Honduran factory, our Monsenor brand was developed to take advantage of a huge opportunity that only a factory of that size can offer. Plasencia makes millions of premium quality long filler cigars, and they end up with boatloads of trimmings from those great cigars. They take those trimmings and combine them with Seco long filler to produce these Cuban Sandwich cigars. Since the filler makes up about 90% of the total tobacco in a cigar, the savings is tremendous. And the best part is the tobaccos are excellent – these are the leaves used to make cigars that cost upwards of $10 each! This mellow filler is rolled in Honduran binder and finished with your choice of a smooth Shade Grown wrapper or jet-black maduro wrapper. The result? Absolutely great tasting, great smoking beauties that we sell at ridiculously low prices! The most expensive Monsenor is right at $2 – that’s cheaper than most mass market cigars offered in convenience stores! Get you a couple of bundles of these popular smokes – you and your buddies are going to love them!


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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
208014 Toro (5 pack) 6 50 Light/Medium Honduras 5 $12.75
208331 Corona Maduro 6.625 44 Light/Medium Honduras 25 $52.95
208332 Churchill Maduro 7 50 Light/Medium Honduras 25 $60.50
208333 Toro Maduro 6 50 Light/Medium Honduras 25 $56.95
208011 Corona Natural 6.625 44 Light/Medium Honduras 25 $52.95
208012 Churchill Natural 7 50 Light/Medium Honduras 25 $60.50
208013 Toro Natural 6 50 Light/Medium Honduras 25 $56.95