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Gilberto Oliva Reserva Blanc (white)


Oliva Cigar Company continues to dumbfound the mega cigar producers with its amazing staying power and tremendous growth. A small company compared to the giant corporations that produce so many of todays brands, Oliva is in that sweet spot where they enjoy phenomenal success while avoiding the corporate culture. Oliva can focus all their attention on making great cigars, with the Gilberto brand being their most recent massive success.

The Blanc is the mellower of the two, a handsome Ecuadorian Shade grown beauty paired with Ecuadorian binder and Oliva-grown Nicaraguan filler. Creamy texture and taste deliver rich, flavorful smoke that delights the palate and satisfies the yearning for deep, complex true tobacco love!

We know once you smoke Gilberto you’ll be back for more, so we’re offering a “get them hooked” deal you can’t pass up!

Order a box before April 30, 2020
and we’ll knock 20% off MSRP
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839065 7 x 50 PLUS FREE LIGHTER 7 50 Medium Nicaragua 20 $113.50
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839064 6 x 52T PLUS FREE LIGHTER 6 52 Medium Nicaragua 20 $113.50
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839063 6 x 50 PLUS FREE LIGHER 6 50 Medium Nicaragua 20 $108.50
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839061 5 x 50 PLUS FREE LIGHTER 5 50 Medium Nicaragua 20 $103.95
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839062 5 3/4 x 43 PLUS FREE LIGHTER 5.75 43 Medium Nicaragua 20 $93.95
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