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Finck's Texas Jerky


Made in the Texas Hill Country from an old family recipe, the process used to make this mouth-watering jerky hasn't changed in over 40 years. It's so good, we decided to put our name on it! Premium quality, hand-cut meat is generously rubbed in a special blend of seasonings. And almost no one does this anymore—the meat is slowly smoked over mesquite wood for up to 16 hours. This painstaking process allows the meat to take on the characteristics of the mesquite smoke, and makes our jerky tender and loaded with incredible flavor.

No bull here—we guarantee that once you've tasted Finck's Texas Jerky you'll never be satisfied with the mass-produced stuff sold in grocery stores again. Our jerky is so much better you'll be hooked. Call now and order either beef or turkey, original recipe or hot and spicy (and it is hot!). The beef comes in 5 to 6 inch strips or smaller bite size pieces. All 6 varieties are packaged in 1/4 pound bags

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
999003 Hot & Spicy Beef Strips 1 $10.95
999006 Hot & Spicy Turkey Bites 1 $10.95
999002 Original Beef Bites 1 $10.95
999005 Original Turkey Bites 1 $10.95
999004 Hot & Spicy Beef Bites 1 $10.95
999001 Original Beef Strips 1 $10.95