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With 3 distinctly different versions handmade in 3 different countries you are bound to find a Finck’s Commerce to fall in love with! The Original is medium bodied Honduran-made by Nestor Plasencia with all tobaccos coming from his Central American farms, including Nicaraguan and Honduran long fillers and a wonderful tasting Habano wrapper. The Reserva Privada comes out of Abe Flores’ PDR factory in the Dominican Republic and utilizes a super-dark Brazilian Arapiraca maduro wrapper rolled around Dominican tobaccos to deliver volumes of savory flavor. The most recent edition is the Small Batch, the smoothest of the brand made in the renowned Oliva factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. Rich, complex and perfectly balanced, these phenomenal smokes will delight your palate with interesting notes of cedar and leather. Can’t decide what to try first? The “Tres Paises” Taster includes 2 Toro sizes from each version and is the ideal way to sample the wonderfulness that is Finck’s Commerce!

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
829920 Sobresale (4 pack) 6 50 Medium Dominican 4 $17.95
829926 El Jefe 7 52 Medium Dominican 20 $85.95
829925 Esteban 6 60 Medium Dominican 20 $88.95
829923 Tercero 6.50 54 Medium Dominican 20 $85.95
829927 EFD 6.125 52 Medium Dominican 20 $84.95
829924 Sobresale 6 50 Medium Dominican 20 $82.95
829921 Hermoso 5.25 54 Medium Dominican 20 $82.95
829922 Cantante 5.25 44 Medium Dominican 20 $77.95