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Finck's Commerce Reserva Privada


Bold, Complex, Delicous!

Our best Dominican maduros, Finck’s Commerce Reserva Privada cigars were an instant best-seller as soon as they were released! Made with an oily Brazilian Arapiraca maduro wrapper and hearty Dominican Criollo 98 binder they are loaded with great flavor. A savory blend of Reserve-Aged Dominican and Nicaraguan Viso, Seco and Ligero long fillers are expertly married in this awesome new brand making them ultra-smooth and perfectly balanced. They produce volumes of thick, bold smoke with a suggestion of sweetness on the finish. Old-world Cuban style construction from one of the finest cigar factories in the Dominican Republic guarantees an excellent smoking experience. Even the box artwork is special, taken from our archives it was originally used by our company in the 1920's. Smoke Finck's Commerce Reserva Privada and enjoy our cigars we're proud to put our name on!

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
829920 Sobresale (4 pack) 6 50 Medium Dominican 4 $17.75
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829926 El Jefe 7 52 Medium Dominican 20 $79.95
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829923 Tercero 6.50 54 Medium Dominican 20 $79.95
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829925 Esteban 6 60 Medium Dominican 20 $81.95
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829927 EFD 6.125 52 Medium Dominican 20 $78.95
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829924 Sobresale 6 50 Medium Dominican 20 $76.95
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829921 Hermoso 5.25 54 Medium Dominican 20 $76.95
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829922 Cantante 5.25 44 Medium Dominican 20 $71.95
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