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Finck's 1893 Vintage


Released in 2016 this fantastic brand has taken off like wildfire! I asked our best manufacturer to help me develop a full bodied version of our top-selling Finck’s 1893 brand, and this gem is the result of his lifetime of experience. Nestor Plasencia took some of his best quality reserve tobaccos, made these cigars and then put them away to age for months, and the cigars went from great to phenomenal! Finck’s 1893 Vintage are medium to full bodied with incredibly rich, complex characteristics that develop a full-flavored, smooth and well-balanced taste that I truly love! Vintage Jamastran and Estelí long fillers are nestled in Jalapa binder and artfully wrapped in a beautiful Habano seed wrapper from Ecuador. These world-class tobaccos combined with a long and patient aging process are worth the wait – they are truly exceptional!

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
857301 Churchill 7 50 Med/Full Honduras 20 $101.50
857303 No. 60 6 60 Med/Full Honduras 20 $106.95
857304 Toro 6 50 Med/Full Honduras 20 $97.50
857302 Robusto 5.25 54 Med/Full Honduras 20 $92.95
857300 Toro (5 pack) 6 50 Med/Full Honduras 5 $26.50