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Finck Triple Flame Tabletop Lighter


Save 40% Off MSRP!

Firebird is our No. 1 selling brand of lighters – we go through thousands of these well-built torches. When the manufacturer offered us a special deal on their Wildcat triple-torch table lighter, we jumped all over the offer! These heavyweight lighters are about 3” tall x 2” wide and are built to last. They feature three mega-hot torch flames that’ll get your cigar lit quickly and evenly and their extra-large fuel tank lasts and lasts. Our logo is beautifully emblazoned on one side of the lighter to help you guys remember where you got such an incredible deal – this lighter is yours for 40% Off MSRP! Take a can of Colibri butane and save over 40% on it too!
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092716 Finck Tabletop Lighter 1 $29.95