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{title} We appreciate our terrific customers and the recommendations you give out to your cigar-loving friends! We built our 129-year-old, five-generation business on word of mouth more than anything else, so thank you! For the many Finck Fanatics, we’ve developed some terrific accessories branded with one of our cool logos. The ceramic ashtray measures 6 1/4” wide x 9 3/8” long and features four cigar rests and a bowl deep enough to hold a poker-games worth of ashes. Our guillotine cutter precisely cuts cigars up to 60 ring gauge and doubles as a cigar rest so you won’t burn your table when you lay you stogie down. Our triple-flame torch lighter has a flame adjustment wheel and fuel window so you can keep an eye on how much butane is in it. These are great quality products that we’re proud to have our name on, we’re sure you’ll enjoy them!
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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
195063 Wesley Ashtray 1 $31.50
195004 Artemis Lighter Red 1 $14.95
195003 Artemis Lighter Gunmetal 1 $14.95
195002 Artemis Lighter Blue 1 $14.95
195001 Artemis Lighter Black 1 $14.95
195042 Finck Logo Standard Cutter 1 $10.50