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Farmers Gold Pipe Tobacco


This unique pipe tobacco is ideal for cigarette smokers looking to switch to pipe smoking. It has tastes similar to what you are use to, but is pipe tobacco, not cigarette tobacco. Traditional pipe smokers may not find this brand appealing, but it makes a great transitional tobacco from cigarettes to pipes.

If you are paying for or are shipping to anywhere in Texas you will be charged an additional per ounce State Excise tax. Buyers outside of Texas are responsible for any taxes due to your state.

Texas Prices:
6 oz. - $15.95
8 oz. - $21.25
16 oz. - $39.95

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
435143 Menthol Green 6 oz. 1 $8.65
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435142 Gold 6 oz. 1 $8.65
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435141 Red 6 oz. 1 $8.65
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435132 Gold 16 oz. 1 $20.50
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435131 Red 16 oz. 1 $20.50
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435133 Menthol Green 16 oz. 1 $20.50
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435123 Menthol Green 8 oz. 1 $15.95
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