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Tasty Handmades as low as $1.82 each!

We don't make Factory Seconds on purpose - these handmade cigars cost us just about as much to make as to sell. Intended to be sold as one of our major brands, once the cigars are inspected the ones with off-color wrappers or minor blemishes are rejected and sent to the seconds packaging line. The tase and construction of these cigars is the same as their more expensive counterparts, so they are a great bargain for smokers who are more interested in flavor than appearance. Handmade with Connecticut Shade wrapper, Broadleaf binder and a blend of medium cut and long fillers, Factory Seconds are smooth smoking and flavorful-the kind of cigars that you'll enjoy smoking all day long! Give 'em a try and get these bargain-priced smokes at crazy low prices!

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
000187 Toro Natural 6 50 Mild/Med Dominican 50 $93.95
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000185 Straight Natural 5.62 43 Mild/Med Dominican 50 $90.95
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000186 Robusto Natural 5 50 Mild/Med Dominican 50 $90.95
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001186 Robusto (5 pack) 5 50 Mild/Med Dominican 5 $9.95
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000765 Perfecto Natural 5.18 52 Mild/Med Dominican 50 $93.95
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000188 Churchill Natural 7 47 Mild/Med Dominican 50 $96.95
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