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All Sizes Under $2.10 Each!

If you are familiar with our brands you can pretty easily figure out where these seconds come from. Our No. 1 selling brand is a super-smooth smoking Dominican handmade and we sell a boatload of them. Made with Connecticut Shade wrapper, Broadleaf binder and super-smooth Nicaraguan filler they are some of the most enjoyable everyday cigars in our portfolio. The factory that produces these great smokes for us has strict inspections standards so they reject a substantial percentage of the cigars they make for us. Anything with a construction problem is discarded, but we take all of the cigars that don’t pass inspection due to color. Other than having off-color wrappers there is absolutely nothing wrong with these cigars, they smoke and taste exactly like the first quality counterparts. Packaging on this brand is minimal – simple boxes and no bands mean all you’re paying for is the cigars themselves. If you are searching for super smooth, easy-smoking cigars at incredibly value-conscious prices, look no farther, Factory Seconds is your brand!

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
000187 Toro Natural 6 50 Light/Medium Dominican 50 $117.50
000186 Robusto Natural 5 50 Light/Medium Dominican 50 $113.95
000185 Straight Natural 5.62 43 Light/Medium Dominican 50 $113.95
001186 Robusto (5 pack) 5 50 Light/Medium Dominican 5 $10.95
000765 Perfecto Natural 5.18 52 Light/Medium Dominican 50 $117.50
000188 Churchill Natural 7 47 Light/Medium Dominican 50 $120.50