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Casa Fernandez New Cuba


Nicaraguan Bargains as low as $1.70 each!

Casa Fernandez is the factory responsible for many of the most popular Nicaraguan brands on the market. These guys make cigars for many of the guys who’d prefer that you think they have their own factory, but a lot of the really great stuff come out of this massive facility. One reason they’re used so frequently is they are also one of the biggest leaf growers in the region. The agricultural operation is known as Aganorsa Leaf – a name that has tremendous respect as the supplier of some of the world’s best tobaccos. Making as many cigars as they do, they generate a colossal amount of byproduct from their premium cigars. This leaf is the same as you’ll get in $8 to $10 cigars and has the same wonderful flavor you expect from cigars of that quality. Fernandez uses this medium cut filler blended with some long filler to produce New Cuba – one of the best bargains on the planet! Available in three distinct versions, try the Connecticut for a mellower smoke, the maduro for a medium body or the Corojo for a medium plus. No matter what you choose, you’re getting a heck of a bargain with New Cuba!
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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
880493 Titan Corojo 6 60 Medium Nicaragua 15 $39.50
880383 Titan Connecticut 6 60 Medium Nicaragua 15 $46.50
880393 Titan Maduro 6 60 Medium Nicaragua 15 $48.95
880492 Toro Corojo 6 50 Medium Nicaragua 25 $51.95
880382 Toro Connecticut 6 50 Medium Nicaragua 25 $63.50
880392 Toro Maduro 6 50 Medium Nicaragua 25 $68.95
880491 Robusto Corojo 5 50 Medium Nicaragua 25 $49.95
880391 Robusto Maduro 5 50 Medium Nicaragua 25 $65.50
880381 Robusto Connecticut 5 50 Medium Nicaragua 25 $61.50