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Camacho Corojo


The authentic classic smoke. From vintage Cuban seed “liberated” from the island. 100% genuine Corojo, the thoroughbred leaf. Slowly aged, like a fine rum. Robust, yet smooth. A most legendary smoke. This Corojo has been revered amongst experienced cigar aficionados for more than a decade. A go-to cigar for the most seasoned of palettes. Those in search of something truly unique. The one cigar truest to that of vintage Cuban cigars in their heyday. In the 1990’s, this longtime treasure of Cuba’s tobacco growing region was re-engineered and turned into a cross-bread. A forced mutation of its former self. A hybrid, resistant to nature and packed with nostalgia that is only deserving of true, authentic Corojo. Camacho took a different approach. They’ve taken great and made it better. Taken classic and made it theirs. Dialed up the richness and amped its intensity. Built with a high-grade, fifth priming wrapper leaf and grown with a seed that’s been perfected for over 40 years. In the 1960’s, they claim to have we received a handful of smuggled Authentic Corojo seeds and began growing them in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras. A rugged area of the country with a similar microclimate to that of Cuba’s famed, Vuelta Abajo region. Over the course of four decades, they learned and perfected growing the original Corojo strain outside of Cuba. Making them the last in the world preserving and in possession of this critical element that made Cuban cigars and Cuban tobacco famous. The integrity and nostalgia of Cuba’s famed Corojo tobacco lives on. Camacho makes it available without the need of a time machine.

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