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Blue Agave


Sweetened with Agave Cactus Nectar

When the Agave cactus flowers it produces a deliciously sweet syrup that makes an excellent alternative to sugar. We found that adding agave to our standard sweeteners creates a delicious flavor that marries exceptionally well with tobacco and delivers a luscious taste as soon as you put one of these unique cigars in your mouth. The sweet taste is slight – just enough is added to the head of the cigars so as not to interfere with the great tobacco flavors. Handmade with shade grown wrappers and mellow long fillers, these top-quality cigars are a best-selling Finck brand!

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
853902 Sweet Acapulco Blue 5 50 Light/Medium Honduras 20 $61.95
853903 On The Rocks 6 50 Light/Medium Honduras 20 $65.95
853904 El Guapo 7 50 Light/Medium Honduras 20 $69.50
853901 Alamo Splash 5.75 43 Light/Medium Honduras 20 $58.50
853900 On The Rocks (5 pack) 6 50 Light/Medium Honduras 5 $18.50
853905 Tequila Slammer 5 32 Light/Medium Honduras 20 $54.50