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Bill Finck Sr. Tribute Cigar Offer


Bill Finck Sr.
1930 – 2018
The Life Of A Legend

My father Bill Finck Sr. passed away July 10, 2018. Dad was a 4th generation cigar maker and was president of our family owned business starting in the mid 1950’s until his death. I worked with him for 34 years and learned a heck of a lot from him – not all easy lessons. While he was a damn good cigar maker, that was only part of who he was.

After his graduation from St. Mary’s Law School dad took a detour before beginning his career. Bill and his best friend John Farley loaded their few belongings in an old sedan and started driving south. And what drive it was – all the way through Mexico in to Central America, across the Panama Canal and finally ending up in Maracaibo Venezuela. With no plans and very little money he did what I guess seemed natural to this law school trained young man – he started a hog farm. No electricity, no running water, just two young guys living life as they wanted. Somehow they found their way to a dance the first night they were in the city, where he met Hilda who he instantly fell in love with.

Within a couple of years, they were married and back in Texas. Counsellor Finck opened a modest law office, began his practice and soon got in to politics. Precinct Judge, then State Representative for three terms where he became Chairman of the Appropriations Committee. His career eventually led him to run for Bexar County Treasurer – a position that was outdated and he referred to as “useless government”. He won the office and never accepted a paycheck – using the first and only one that was issued to him to light a cigar on the steps of the county courthouse.

My dad loved the outdoors and spent much of his free time at his South Texas ranch or on the beach in Port Aransas. While raising 6 children he and my mother found time to travel the world and do many philanthropic things, most of which no one ever knew about. At 87 years old he had lived an exciting life having done things most men only dream about. My dad was a rebel in every sense of the word, never doing anything just because he was supposed to. He lived life his way, yet he earned the respect of everyone who really knew him.

My dad’s favorite brand was always Travis Club – the brand that put Finck Cigar Company on the map. Whether he was at the Capital in Austin, at the ranch or relaxing on a cruise ship, he always had a pocketful of Travis Club cigars. He would be pleased and I would be honored if you’d smoke a Travis Club in remembrance of him, so here’s the offer (finally). Order before October 15, 2018 and I’ll send you a 4-pack of Travis Club cigars for just $5 – less than half of what they sell for every day. Just consider them a thank you from Bill Sr. for supporting our business and allowing him to live such an interesting life.

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