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Arturo Fuente Anejo Xtra Viejo


Extremely Rare, Limited Release!

One of the most difficult brands to keep in stock, these limited-release Arturo Fuente Anejo cigars are often hoarded and saved for special occasions by those lucky enough to find them. Rolled in beautiful Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper surrounding aged Dominican tobaccos, these exceptional cigars are aged in Cognac barrels for an extended maturing period. The flavor of an Anejo is supremely satisfying – medium in body with deep, rich flavors that delight the palate like no other cigar can. We’ve done some hoarding of our own and saved up enough inventory of these rare beauties to offer them in our catalog for the first time ever! No telling how long these will last once word gets out that we’ve got them, but while they last we not only have them, but we’re offering them at 10% off retail price!

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920143 #49 7.62 49 Medium Dominican Republic 25 $295.50
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