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Acid Cigar Sampler


The Acid smoking experience is like no other. Each blend holds new explorations in tobacco curing and blending that are the closest guarded secrets in the industry. Legions of enthusiasts have sought out Acid cigar in the far corners of the world, craving these unique, one of a kind smokes. Enjoy the most popular in this creative sampler, 14 awesome cigars in a killer metal camo tin. Here’s what included, one of each:

Extraordinary Larry 6” x 60
Toast 6” x 50
1400cc 5” x 50
Kuba Kuba 5” x 54
Cold Infusion Tea 6 3/4” x 44
Acid One Torpedo 5” x 54
Atom Maduro 5” x 50
Nasty 4” x 42
Blondie 4” x 38
C-Notes 3 3/4” x 20 (5-pack)

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