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Plasencia-Made Long Filler Cigars As Low As $3.06 Each!

Central Americas Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos are by far the most popular in the premium cigar world. The soil and climate provide the ideal growing environment for Cuban seed tobaccos, which is all we use in our popular Romero brand. The deep flavors are earthy and solid, true qualities that blend well and taste like cigars are supposed to taste! Romero is made for us under the supervision of master grower and cigar maker Nestor Plasencia. He uses his own aged long fillers and binder wrapped in Connecticut Shade to produce these great smoking, reasonably priced cigars. No exotic tobaccos are used just to give the impression that these cigars are unique – no, what we have here is an honest, great quality blend that you'll enjoy cigar after cigar. And with prices as low as $3.06 each, what’s not to love! If what you want is a great cigar for a fair price look no farther, Romero is your brand!

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
847201 Presidente 8.5 52 Medium Honduras 25 $81.50
847206 Gordo 5 50 Medium Honduras 25 $62.50
847212 Toro (5 pack) 6 50 Medium Honduras 5 $15.25
847203 Corona Grande 6.75 45 Medium Honduras 25 $67.95
847204 Double Corona 7 50 Medium Honduras 25 $72.95
847202 Toro 6 50 Medium Honduras 25 $67.95