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We sell over 100,000 boxes of premium quality cigars every year, which means there are a hell of a lot of cigars coming into our enormous humidified storage facility every week. With that many shipments there is bound to be some damages, and we get our fair shre. We carefully inspect any damaged boxes, discard (or smoke) the bad ones and accumulate the cigars that are in pristine condition. We also occasionally end up with a few boxes of a discontinued item that we need to move, so we take all of these cigars and pack up 20 different cigars and let them go for just $3.95 each, often below our cost. There are no cheap bundled brands and no seconds in these assortments, these are all first quality cigars that can easily cost $8 - $12 each at retail. No guarantees of brand or size (although we don't include small cigars) - your only guarantee is an unbeatable value on premium quality handmade cigars. If you like surprises and you love bargains, you'll be blown away with this super - sampler.
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