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Macanudo Maduro


While the Café version of Macanudo is the best-seller, the maduro runs a close second and is preferred by smokers seeking a little more oomph from their cigars. Like their Café cousins, the Maduro is loved for its moderate strength and perfect construction, making them the choice brand of the most demanding smokers. Featuring a dark, oily Broadleaf wrapper, these beautiful cigars have tons of character but not an overpowering sense of strength.

**these cigars do not qualify for Dividend Club discounts

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
863006 Ascot 4.18 32 Full Dominican Republic 100 $227.50
863007 Crystal Tube 5.5 50 Full Dominican Republic 8 $87.95
863000 Prince Philip 7.5 49 Full Dominican Republic 10 $116.95
863005 Hampton Court 5.50 42 Full Dominican Republic 25 $242.95
863006 Ascot 4.18 32 Full Dominican Republic 10 $26.75
863003 Hyde Park 5.5 49 Full Dominican Republic 25 $250.50