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Great Smoking Handmades As Low As $1.66 Each!

So here’s how we make great tasting cigars at these ridiculously low rock-bottom prices. Nestor Plasencia makes a ton of long filler premiums for us in Nicaragua and Honduras. He takes the trimmings from the great tobaccos that make up those premiums and mixes them with good quality long fillers – about a 50/50 mix. Known as a Cuban Sandwich, this process dramatically reduces the tobacco costs and keeps the final prices way down. You get the same taste and you get great smoking qualities from these cigars but at prices that are hard to believe. Honduran Plantations is our best-selling economy bundle because these tasty cigars are damn good smokes! You have two options – the original uses a smooth shade grown wrapper, or if you want a little more oomph give the Habano version a try. They’re a little more expensive to produce because this wrapper is pricey, but damn they’re good!

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
856007 No. 660 6 60 Light/Medium Honduras 25 $66.95
856006 No. 554 5.50 54 Light/Medium Honduras 25 $58.50
856000 No. 650 (5 pack) 6 50 Light/Medium Honduras 5 $11.75
856005 No. 650 6 50 Light/Medium Honduras 25 $51.95
856003 No. 440 6.75 44 Light/Medium Honduras 25 $47.50
856001 No. 420 5.5 42 Light/Medium Honduras 25 $45.50
856004 No. 500 7.75 50 Light/Medium Honduras 25 $62.50