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Finck's Toro Sampler


The Best Eight Under $4 Cigars Available Anywhere!

This all-Toro collection includes 8 different cigars in the popular 6” x 50 size and includes our most popular premium brands. You’ll enjoy a variety of blends and smoking experiences with cigars from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras – all eight of them best sellers! Buy these cigars individually in one of our retail stores and the assortment will run you around $36 but get them in this introductory sampler and they’re yours for just $33.50, about a 15% savings off our everyday low prices. At just over $4.20 each this is a whale of a bargain! Here’s what we’re including, one each of these tremendously enjoyable cigars:

Finck's Commerce Original
Finck's 1893 Original
Finck's Commerce Reserva Privada
Finck's Puritanos
Finck's Commerce Small Batch
Charles the Great
Finck's Resagos Habano Oscuro
Lamb's Club Cubano

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840650 8 Cigar Sampler 6 50 8 $39.95