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Finck's Resagos Primero


Our lowest priced
Nicaraguan premium!

One of our founder’s original brands, Finck’s Resagos sold for 5¢ back in the 1920’s. Now made in Nicaragua, we use a savory combination of Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Cuban seed Honduran and Nicaraguan long fillers to produce these medium-bodied cigars. The construction is great, with every cigar drawing and burning well so you get maximum enjoyment from every one. Relying on the expertise of master-blender Omar Ortez, Finck’s Resagos remain consistently good year after year, with tweaks to the blend made to adjust for the differences in each tobacco crop. At an average price of just over $2.75, these are the most economically priced premiums you’ll find anywhere – one of the many reasons Finck’s Resagos is one of our top-selling brands!

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
853406 Double Magnum 6.50 54 Medium Nicaragua 25 $77.95
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853403 Toro 6 50 Medium Nicaragua 25 $73.95
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853404 Robusto 5.50 52 Medium Nicaragua 25 $70.95
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853405 Corona 5.75 44 Medium Nicaragua 25 $65.95
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853402 Sixty 6 60 Medium Nicaragua 25 $79.50
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853401 Churchill 7 50 Medium Nicaragua 25 $77.95
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853302 Toro (5 pack) 6 50 Medium Nicaragua 5 $16.25
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