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The Flavours selection by CAO utilize the finest aromatics and flavorings along with top-quality Cameroon wrappers and Dominican long fillers to deliver the most enjoyable flavored cigars on the market!

CAO Flavours are available in:

Bella Vanilla: Bella means ‘beautiful’, and CAO Bella Vanilla more than lives up to its name. Extracts of vanilla beans from Madagascar (the world’s finest source of vanilla) meet a premier Dominican blend and Cameroon wrapper to create a flavored cigar that’s just, well, bellissima!

Cherrybomb: Ignite a CAO Cherrybomb and experience its intricate explosion of premium flavors—cherry and black currant mellowed by a core of creamy vanilla. With a complexity that’s unique among the best flavored cigars and a rich, memorable aroma, this is one smoke you won’t soon forget.

Earth Nectar:Take a tasting tour of Tuscany with CAO Earth Nectar, a mild, smooth cigar infused with an exquisite Italian Chianti and notes of toasted almonds, cocoa, honey and raisins−all of which are perfectly complement by a Dominican blend and Cameroon wrapper.

Eileen's Dream: Take a puff, close your eyes and float away on the decadent flavors of CAO Eileen’s Dream. It begins with a mild Dominican blend and a spicy Cameroon wrapper, which are then infused with premium Irish whiskey, coconut milk, frothed cream and delicately sweet white chocolate truffles. One of the best tasting cigars available anywhere, it’s surreally good.

Honey: Smooth, subtle and perfectly balanced, CAO Gold Honey mixes well-aged Nicaraguan and Connecticut tobaccos with the natural sweetness of artisan honey harvested from the nectar of Florida orange blossoms.

Moontrance: Spellbound, bewitched, entranced. All three describe how you’ll feel after lighting up CAO Moontrance, a flavored cigar with a Dominican blend, spectacular Cameroon wrapper and gentle, mesmerizing infusions of pure bourbon vanilla and Georgia peaches.

**these cigars do not qualify for Dividend Club discounts

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Stock # Product Length R.G. Flavor Country Qty Price Buy
825515 Corona Bella Vanilla 5.25 42 Light Nicaragua 20 $144.50
825519 Corona Cherrybomb 5.25 42 Light Nicaragua 20 $144.50
825534 Tubos Cherrybomb 4.75 30 Light Honduras 20 $92.50
825532 Tubos Moontrace 4.75 30 Light Honduras 20 $92.50
825535 Tubos Eileen’s Dream 4.75 30 Light Honduras 20 $92.50
825533 Tubos Bella Vanilla 4.75 30 Light Honduras 20 $92.50
825507 Cigarillos Cherrybomb 4 30 Light Nicaragua 10 $176.50
825514 Corona Moontrance 5.25 42 Light Nicaragua 20 $144.50
825504 Cigarillos Moontrance 4 30 Light Nicaragua 10 $20.75
825505 Cigarillos Bella Vanilla 4 30 Light Nicaragua 10 $20.75