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We import over 350,000 cigars a month – that’s a whole lot of boxes folks – and a lot of potential for damages in shipping. And believe me, we get our fair share of damages. To help recoup some of those losses we pull out whatever cigars are still in perfect condition and combine them with things that are overstocked, discontinued or leftover after I smoked some samples out of each shipment. We then pack up assortments of all these things in handy zip-lock type bags and sell them at a ridiculously low price. The majority of these cigars are machine made although we try to get at least a few handmade cigars in there too. There are no guarantees of sizes – what we have is what you get – but you can get all you want for just $39.95/25 cigars (that’s $1.60 a cigar in case you don’t have a calculator handy).

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000773 25 Cigar Sampler 25 $46.95