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Why Buy Cigar Samplers?

A person who has just started smoking cigars will find that it takes time to find the "perfect" cigar type. While Cuban cigars, Nicaraguan cigars, and other world famous cigars are well known for being high quality, each type of cigar has a different aroma and flavor. A cigar type that is enjoyable for one person may be either too strong or too weak for another person. This is one reason why cigar samplers are ideal.


Cigar samplers are sold in packs of various sizes. As the name implies, a sampler pack contains various types of cigars. Finck Cigar Company specializes in the creation of sampler packs; at present, the company has over fifty different types of cigar sampler packs available for purchase. These packs are sorted by type, country of origin, flavor, and other qualifications. They are carefully wrapped and stored in a classy box; however, if one intends to travel with these cigars, they may need to be stored in a humidor.


If the sampler pack is a gift for a friend or relative, one may want to take the time to find out the general type of cigar that the person likes. One can then purchase a sampler pack containing cigars that the other person enjoys smoking. On the other hand, a person who is totally unsure of which cigars to buy may want to invest in the Finck Best Sellers Pack, which contains samplers of Finck's most popular cigars.


Once a person has gone through one or more sampler packs, he or she will have a better idea of which cigars to purchase. Sampler packs are not overly expensive, although the exact cost depends on the size and nature of the pack. These packs make an ideal Christmas or birthday gift and can be given either to a new or experienced smoker. A new smoker may also want to invest in such a pack and then see which cigar type he or she enjoys most. Cigars come in many different flavors, shapes, and levels of intensity and taking the time to find out which one is the most appealing will allow one to enjoy his or her times of smoking to the fullest.