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What are the Best Cigars for a Wedding?

Cigars are traditionally associated with times of celebration. Those who enjoy cigar smoking will certainly want to invest in the best cigars for a wedding. A wedding is a memorable, special occasion, and lighting up a premium cigar is a good way to celebrate the joys of getting married.


Choosing the right cigars for the wedding is not easy. While there are some cigars that are certainly more appropriate than others, a lot depends on the type of cigars that the bride and groom enjoy smoking. If either the bride or groom does not smoke, then a pack of premium mild cigars may be in order. If both people smoke, then either a Fuente Fuente Opus X cigar pack or Padron Anniversary cigar pack would be a good option. These cigars are some of the best ones on the market. They are handmade instead of machine made, which ensures their high level of quality.


Many couples enjoy having their wedding cigars customized. Cigar manufacturers can customize the outside wrapping of the cigar upon request. These should be ordered well in advance so that they are available on time. The wrapping may have the couple's name imprinted on it or some other meaningful design that will make the wedding memorable and special.


Besides enjoying a smoke on their own, a bride or groom may want to provide a cigar to each of their wedding guests. However, a couple should not feel obligated to provide expensive, premium cigars to everyone attending the wedding. Most people do not smoke cigars, so providing each guest with a handmade, expensive cigar may be a waste. Instead, a couple should invest in well-made cigars that are reasonably priced. Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde cigars are a good option in this instance.


The best cigars for a wedding are the cigars that the couple enjoys smoking. Investing in customized, handmade cigars will provide a couple with an enjoyable time of smoking together as husband and wife. However, it is impossible to say which flavor or aroma is the most suitable for a wedding; this depends entirely on the couple and the type of cigars that they would like to have on their special day.