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Using Travel Humidors to Protect Your Cigars

Every cigar needs to remain at a constant 70% humidity and 70º Fahrenheit to keep its flavors and moisture intact. That 70-70 rule applies to something you plan to smoke in a week or to a cigar you want to age for ten months—and given seasons, it’s a difficult balance to attain. Cigar stores adhere to the standard with their huge walk-in storerooms, but you don’t need to invest in a special closet or even cabinet to keep your cigars aging properly. You just need to invest in good humidors—or travel humidors, if you have to take your cigars on the road or in a plane.

Humidors are wooden boxes, and the cheapest forms are nothing more than a wooden box. Most, though, will contain a hygrometer to measure humidity, often accompanied by a humidification device that can raise or lower the humidity. They’re made from cedar, which tends to possess the perfect scents and oil levels to keep the cigars from contamination. Travel humidors work similarly, just small enough to be portable. Sometimes huge, sometimes heirlooms, these boxes are all but essential to any cigar aficionado who wants to get the most out of his smoking experience.