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Is Smoke from Cigars Really Dangerous?

It’s a real concern with all tobacco products, but there’s certainly been some hysteria that has exaggerated the risks. It’s really not good for your body to inhale any forms of smoke, but the dangers of cigars can be alleviated with a few precautions.

When researchers noticed the correlation between smoking and lung cancer, cigarette companies responded by adding filters that supposedly kept some carcinogens from entering the lungs. The second hand risk, though, comes from inadvertently inhaling the smoke that burns off the ends and lingers in the air. Because they’re lit, cigars, of course, pose the same danger. While few cigar smokers inhale deeply, they remain at risk of inhaling this smoke, which does naturally contain carcinogens.

Some people believe second hand smoke from cigars is actually more dangerous than that of cigarettes. Because the cigar is wider, and its smokers tend to linger and enjoy the experience, more smoke tends to accumulate around them. An easy solution, though, is simply to smoke in a well-ventilated area. And perspective, of course, helps. While a cigar, being larger, will certainly produce more second hand smoke than a cigarette, few people smoke cigars with the same frequency. Enjoying a cigar even a few times a week may expose people to second hand smoke, but that occasional pastime won’t pose as much risk as habitually smoking cigarettes.