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How to Calibrate Hygrometers in Travel Humidors

Smoking is an enjoyable pastime that one will want to engage in both at home and while traveling. In order to travel with expensive cigars, it is important to invest in a travel humidor. Travel humidors keep the cigars at the proper temperature and humidity level so that the cigars maintain their flavor and aroma. There are many different sizes of humidors on the market, but the ones that are made for portable storage can hold anywhere from two up to forty cigars.


While it is important to choose a well-made travel humidor, it is even more important to make sure the hygrometer in the humidor is properly calibrated. The hygrometer sets and measures the level of humidity inside the humidor; even a brand name humidor will not function properly without a properly calibrated hygrometer. There are both digital and analog hygrometers; the latter type is usually the most accurate.


It is not at all difficult to calibrate either a digital or analog hygrometer. The first step is to fill a small milk cap or similar container with salt. A few drops of water should be added to the salt and the cap should then be placed in a plastic bag along with the hygrometer. This bag should be sealed and left alone for six hours and then examined. The reading on the hygrometer should display approx. 75%. If a lower or higher figure is displayed, then the hygrometer should be adjusted using the dial on the back. This will need to be done right away, as the reading on the hygrometer will change minutes after the hygrometer is removed from the bag.


Unfortunately, not all hygrometers are adjustable. If the hygrometer reading cannot be changed as outlined above, then one will need to take this into consideration when setting the hygrometer level inside the travel humidor. Cigars should be stored at a humidity level ranging from 68% to 72%.


Travel humidors are important, as they allow one to store cigars properly while traveling. However, a humidor on its own will not keep cigars in good condition. It is important to invest in a good hygrometer and take the time to calibrate it on a yearly basis. This is easily done and will ensure that one's cigars age properly and maintain their flavor and aroma.