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Adding Cutters to Cigar Gifts

There’s a time and place for cigars being given independently: business gatherings, after the birth of a child, but for promotions? Or holidays? It can even be an expensive brand, but on its own a cigar will retain that reputation for being almost a party favor, an afterthought. Real gift giving requires careful thought and personal investment. By providing a fuller smoking experience with the addition of a cutter, cigar gifts become infinitely more meaningful and considerate.

Any true cigar lover will surely have a cutter of his own. Even if he prefers to cut his cigar with a pocketknife, after years of mulling through tobacco shops, he’s surely accumulated a handful of cutters. Gifts, though, are rarely about providing a necessity. They’re about offering luxury and showing someone genuine care. Nice, elegant cutters can be found and given, but the inclusion of anything with cigar gifts will demonstrate that care. A matchbook from his favorite restaurant, a custom glass canister, or a new smoking jacket would suffice of course too, but purchasing a cutter requires much less cost and effort.