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Three of the Best Cigars for Beginnings

Every cigar will vary widely in texture, size, and body, so people unfamiliar with tobacco need to develop a palate to avoid getting overwhelmed. If you’ve never smoked before, it’s not necessarily wise to start out with something famous or popular; the best cigars for beginners are much milder. For anyone who’s among those new smokers, the following three cigars are a great place to begin.

  1. Casa Toranos are some of the best cigars for beginners, because they’re mild enough to avoid nauseous smoking but still have a strong mix of flavors. A rich and smooth balance is a difficult thing to find, which makes a Casa Torano excellent for someone who’s never smoked—or even lifelong smokers.
  2. Hailing from Honduras, a Gispert is one of the most affordable cigars available. It offers a nice earthy taste of wood and leather, and it gives off an equally pleasing aroma in its smoke. Especially for timid smokers, its cigars are great places to start, since the investment is so minimal.
  3. A Macanudo Hyde Park Café carries a very renowned name: Macanudo sells excellently in America and for good reason. Originating in the Dominican Republican, this particular cigar is one of the best cigars to use as a comparison to others. Light but complex in its flavor, numerous nuts and herbs can be detected, offering a delicate, enjoyable first smoke.