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An Overview of Fine Cigars

The FDA has universally condemned tobacco, but there are tremendous differences between fine cigars and cigarettes. Comparing production methods, health risks, and taste, cigars are the Ferraris of the tobacco world, cigarettes the jalopies that tend to blow a tire on high-speed freeways.

Using Travel Humidors to Protect Your Cigars

Like good wines, cigars age, but like good wines, cigars can lose their flavor, richness, and quality if they’re improperly stored during aging. The process can take up to a year, which is long enough to require special equipment to prevent your cigars from drying out. Bad cigars don’t change much over time, regardless of storage methods, but anything high quality will taste richer in standard or travel humidors.

Health Risks: Fine Cigars vs. Cigarettes

Tobacco carries some risk. Like consuming too much red meat, alcohol, and sweets, the body can be severely damaged by excessive use of tobacco products, which is why the FDA has released so many warnings and levied so many taxes on them.

A Guide to Cigar Gifts

Businessmen, wedding guests, and old college friends have for years relied on cigar gifts for networking, celebrations, and reunions. If you know someone who loves to smoke, cigars are an obvious and effortless gift to choose for him, but they can be daunting as well. With so many brands, sizes, and varieties out there, you need some direction. We’ve assembled a little guide, just to guide you through the basics.

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