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Some of our best employees

Olivia Chapa
46 years of loyal service!

Olivia Chapa came to work for my grandfather when I was 5 years old. Starting in our packaging department, she quickly proved that she had lots of ability as well as an incredible work ethic. She worked in every department, from tobacco preparation to manufacturing quickly becoming a department supervisor and eventually becoming our production manager – a position she’s held for over 25 years! Olivia was responsible for coordinating everything it takes to make the cigars you enjoy – tobacco, production and packaging. On top of that, she trained all of our cigar rollers and she oversaw the quality control department. Aside from her ability, Oliva had the kind of attitude that made her an incredibly valuable employee. She treated our business like it was her own, with her highest priority being that the cigars we offered were the finest quality we could make. From the smallest details she always did her absolute best to make sure that our customers would be happy and that the company would be successful. To say that she will be missed would be a huge understatement, but as with everything she did, she trained her successor well, and we’re confident that we’ll continue to make cigars that she’ll be proud of. Oliva Chapa – key employee and dear friend – we’re going to miss you.

- Bill Finck Jr. and Olivia Chapa


Emilio Romero
One of my heroes

Emilio started working in a cigar factory in Cuba when he was just 8 years old. He’d go to work after school and take coffee to the rollers at their stations. Being around tobacco, cigars eventually became his passion. He learned everything there was to know about making cigars, and after stints in some of the biggest operations in the United States he eventually came to work with us in 1966. Emilio was the No.1, go-to person in our operation, and took on the responsibilities of managing the entire production operation. I had the incredible opportunity to work side by side with him when I first came into the business full-time in 1984. He taught me so much about making cigars, and instilled a lot of his passion in me. But what I didn’t realize until many years later was that he taught me about life. Emilio used to tell me stories about growing up in Cuba, and working for other people, and just things in general that he had experienced. At the time, I thought they were just interesting and entertaining. But what I eventually came to know is that he was teaching me about life. Emilio was the most loyal, dedicated, honest and hard-working man I ever knew. No matter what he was working on, it was always “do it right the first time”. He wouldn’t even think about doing it any other way.

My wife gave me a framed picture of Emilio not long after he passed away. She put a caption on the picture – “Things I learned from Emilio”. It says “Do what you said you would do. It’s that simple. Do it the right way, don’t take shortcuts. And be honest”. At the bottom is a quote from Proverbs: “A friend loves at all times”. Emilio was a true friend, and while I miss him dearly, I think I’ll always feel like he’s watching over me and making sure I’m following the lessons he taught me.

- Bill Finck Jr. and Emilio Romero


Felipe Gonzales
A valuable member of
our company since 1962!

Felipe started working for my dad before I was born, so I’ve always known him as part of the Finck Cigar Company family. The truth is, I’m so used to him being here that I occasionally take him for granted. Felipe is our chief accountant, office manager, and all around “get it done” guy. He deals with our factory employees, salespeople, and some of our large distributors. If an employee doesn’t know what to do in just about any situation, Felipe can get him an answer. He’s usually the first one here in the morning and often the last guy out in the evening. At 70+ years old he’s no spring chicken, but he’s as energetic and reliable as ever. When I’m not in the office he handles whatever comes up, which allows me to travel and occasionally vacation. To say he’s a valuable asset would be a huge understatement. And, not only is he very capable as an employee, he’s also a heck of a nice guy! Felipe always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude. You can’t walk into a restaurant or a meeting without someone recognizing him and coming over to shake his hand. He is a terrific representative of our company, and I’m honored to call him my friend.

- Bill Finck Jr. and Felipe Gonzales



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