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Having recently returned from the International Premium Cigars trade show, I’m on a cigar high from seeing all of our finest suppliers. This 5 day event brings together every major cigar manufacturer and gives us the opportunity to visit with the best in the business. I spent time with the greatest, most of whom we’ve done business with for many years and have developed personal relationships with. Carlito Fuente, George Padron, Manuel Quesada, Gilberto Oliva, Nestor Plasencia, Abe Flores, Rocky Patel, Nick Perdomo, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo – the list goes on and on. These super-successful men all have something in common – they are all true gentlemen. Consistently, our conversations started with questions about my family. “How is your dad doing?”. “Is your wife with you at the convention, I’d love to see her”. “I hear great things about your children and the job they are doing in your retail stores”. These legendary cigar makers see hundreds of their customers during this event and manage to treat every one of us like friends. This is a special industry, one where relationships matter more than anything else, and I am reminded that I am blessed to be a part of it.

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