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It’s been several months since you’ve seen a Finck catalog in your mailbox, and I apologize for not staying in better contact with you. It’s been a nutty time for everyone, the cigar world being no exception. Everything in our industry was affected by the pandemic – factories closed or had very limited production, packaging materials have been very difficult to source, wood prices have gone crazy and freight cost have gone through the roof. On top of that, demand is at a 10-year high. With so many people working from home cigar lovers have had a lot more time to enjoy one of our favorite vices. On top of that, those of us that have not traveled or even gone out to eat much have had a little extra disposable income, and with cigars being one of the few pleasures we could still indulge in, consumption has seen a dramatic increase. We’re seeing most factories start to catch up, but it’ll be a long time before things get back to normal. Just know that we are doing our best to keep you supplied with your favorite Finck brands, and more than anything we are grateful for your loyalty to family owned company!

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