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Perfection in Taste Has Made Finck’s
The Choice of Discreet Smokers

We’ve been in the cigar business in San Antonio, Texas for 124 years – that’s a long time folks! Five generations of my family have run this business, and we’ve been fortunate to build a customer base of some of the nicest people in these great United States. Our mail order catalogs reach cigar lovers all across 50 states with people across the country enjoying Finck brands. I recently found this newspaper ad that ran in 1928 for our Finck’s Resagos brand which is still available, see pages 24-25 of this catalog. The tag line says “Perfection in Taste Has Made Finck’s Resagos The Choice of Discreet Smokers”. That line was true 89 years ago when my great-grandfather was building the biggest cigar company in Texas, and it remains true today. Our brands have a tremendously loyal following, and I can’t tell you how much your support means to me. I believe that the principles that were instilled in me from the very beginning of my career still ring true – make the best cigars you can, charge a fair price for them and treat your customers well. That truly is the heart of our company and is the main reason we have outlasted nearly everyone else. So to the generations of Finck’s who proceeded me and the generations of customers who have stuck with us, my most sincere thank you!

Bill Finck Jr.

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